attention and focus are the raw materials of human creativity and flourishing. And in the age of increased automation, the most sought-after jobs are those that require creative problem-solving, novel solutions and the kind of human ingenuity that comes from focusing deeply on the task at hand.

That said, being indistractable is the single most important skill for the 21st century.

Stanford psychology expert: This is the No. 1 work skill of the future—but most fail to realize it

Two Tasks

You have two essential tasks in life: to be a good person and to pursue the occupation that you love. Everything else is a waste of energy and a squandering of your potential.


What is it that only I can do? What is the best use of my limited time on this planet?


How To Say “No”: Advice From The World’s Most Powerful Man


How to Create Lasting Pleasantness

if you are able to hold on to any beautiful experience – whether it is a taste, smell, vision, sound, or touch – for twenty-four minutes, it will pervade your entire pranic system.

In is the Only Way Out

There is scientific proof today that without ingesting a drop of alcohol or any other substance, you can get fully intoxicated by yourself.

the body is capable of producing its own narcotic.

This particular chemical has been named “anandamide,” based on the Sanskrit word ananda, which means bliss.


Changing tagline

from : Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment

to : Inner pleasantness is a surefire insurance for the making of a peaceful society and a joyful world.

inconspicuous consumption

So instead of spending money on consumer products, Currid-Halkett finds that the rich increasingly focus their spending on “nonvisible, highly expensive goods and services” that allow them to have time to gain that social capital and foster it in their children. Such goods and services include child care, gardeners, and, most importantly, education. She refers to this type of spending as “inconspicuous consumption.”


Perhaps most disturbing is Currid-Halkett’s conclusion that these consumption trends may exacerbate inequality. Increased spending by wealthy parents on education and health for their children, for example, may deepen class divides and limit opportunities for poorer kids.


from qz – The new, nearly invisible class markers that separate the American elite from everyone else – the aspirational class


Kalpavruksha is situated in Dehari, the southernmost village of Gujarat on the coast of Arabian Sea.

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