But do you have confidants? Do you have male friends who you can actually be vulnerable with? Do you have friends whom you can confide in, be 100% yourself around, that you can hug without saying “No homo,” without feeling tense or uncomfortable while you’re doing it?

Thoughts on Vegas, and why men keep doing this


inconspicuous consumption

So instead of spending money on consumer products, Currid-Halkett finds that the rich increasingly focus their spending on “nonvisible, highly expensive goods and services” that allow them to have time to gain that social capital and foster it in their children. Such goods and services include child care, gardeners, and, most importantly, education. She refers to this type of spending as “inconspicuous consumption.”


Perhaps most disturbing is Currid-Halkett’s conclusion that these consumption trends may exacerbate inequality. Increased spending by wealthy parents on education and health for their children, for example, may deepen class divides and limit opportunities for poorer kids.


from qz – The new, nearly invisible class markers that separate the American elite from everyone else – the aspirational class


Kalpavruksha is situated in Dehari, the southernmost village of Gujarat on the coast of Arabian Sea.

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Sisu is a Finnish word which loosely means stoic determination, grit, bravery, resilience,[1][2] and hardiness[3][4] and is held by Finns themselves to express their national character

everyone can make a difference. A big, important accomplishment consists of a very long series of small steps, and having what we call sisu in Finnish helps. It also helps if you’re smart and know what you’re doing, but remember that 20-year-old who was very stupid when drunk, and also posed half-naked for beer photos? Not so smart, but also didn’t give up. It helps to be stupid and ignorant in the right way, so that you think “hey, I can do that” instead of “that must be very difficult to do”.